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Opendoor Job Offers

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O Opendoor Job Offers It’s the opportunity to join a team that seeks revolution with simple solutions that aim to make customers’ lives easier.

This company was created with the aim of reinventing the most important transaction in a person’s life, which is the purchase and sale of a house.

Seeking to apply technology to improve the solutions offered, for this purpose it has qualified employees who are willing to improve to meet the most demanding criteria of customers.

In all functions of the company, it offers training so that its employees can perform their functions in the best way possible.


With positions for those who do not yet have experience, up to more advanced roles that require specialization and experience.

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Opendoor Job Offers


History of Opendoor

Opendoor is an innovation in the American real estate sector that made it possible for customers to buy and sell properties.

Founded in 2014 by Eric Wu with other investors who wanted to reinvent the real estate sector using technology to their advantage.

And so, transforming the buying and selling experience that always took a lot of time and with your idea made online trading possible in a safe way for your customers.

The operation began in Phoenix, Arizona and is currently based in San Francisco after conquering its place in the market.

It works as follows: the company buys houses directly from the owners, providing a quick sale.

And after Opendoor renovates the property and leaves it ready for the next resident, updating the design and solving the structural problems.

This way, customers don’t have to go through the dreaded renovations and can move in and start their lives after purchasing.

Due to innovation in the market, the company grew quickly and expanded to other American cities.

In 2020, due to the health crisis, it had to lay off 35% of its employees and had to halt home purchases.

According to the company, the reason for not acquiring new properties during this period was to protect customers and employees.

But in 2021 the company turned around and acquired 37 thousand homes. This was the beginning of its recovery after the negotiations stopped in 2020.

In 2023 the company began collaborating with Zillow, another giant in the real estate market and at that time became the largest in the United States.

 Opendoor Job Offers

A Opendoor Job Offers offers diverse opportunities in city operations, design, engineering, accounting and sales support. Check out the main ones:

Area Construction Manager: train employees to carry out assessments and interact with customers and suppliers.

Home project manager: is responsible for evaluating the neighborhoods with the best properties and analyzing the market in that region.

Product Design Director: Promote a collaborative and inclusive team culture, encouraging creativity, innovation and continuous learning.

Analytical engineer: Works on the unique challenge of uniting a variety of online and offline datasets with the necessary skills.

Accounting Manager: define goals/deadlines and hold the team responsible for accounting operations.

Workday Configuration Analyst: Lead the development, configuration testing and implementation of new projects, improvements and interfaces.

Product Manager Director – Growth: Define the strategy for Opendoor consumer growth and disseminate a vision among the executive team. 

Opendoor offers international vacancies for India, with technological qualifications to join the team for those who want new challenges.

The number of vacancies is currently average, but it has several benefits for its employees, from bonuses to career plans.

A Opendoor Job Offers It can be an excellent chance to position yourself in the market by working in a large, expanding company.

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