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Ulta Beauty Job Offers – How to Apply Online

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At Ulta Beauty, don’t just talk about career opportunities; we make them happen. Since 2015, we’ve created over 22,000 jobs, demonstrating a real commitment to the growth and development of our team. Additionally, with a 70% internal promotion rate and over 6,000 women elevated to managerial positions in the past five years, Ulta Beauty is dedicated to providing professional advancement and equal opportunities.

At Ulta Beauty, you’ll find an environment that values your interests and passions, with solid support from senior leadership and your close colleagues. We strive to make your work experience not only attractive but also rewarding and enjoyable.

Ulta Beauty doesn’t just want you to be the best, personally and professionally, but actively commits to helping you achieve that goal. With a culture that prioritizes personal growth and development, Ulta Beauty is more than just a workplace – it’s a community that strives to empower its employees to reach their full potential.


Ulta Beauty Job Offers

Who is Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty” is a beauty retail chain in the United States. It’s known for offering a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fragrance products, as well as salon services. 

Ulta Beauty operates both brick-and-mortar stores and an online platform, providing customers with access to popular beauty brands alongside their own private label products. 

The company emphasizes a diverse and inclusive approach to beauty, aiming to cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Additionally, Ulta Beauty often promotes community engagement and philanthropic initiatives.

Main advantages of Ulta Beauty Job Offers

Always anticipating. Always envisioning. Never complacent. As we continue to explore the power of beauty, we lead the way in paving the path for what comes next. 


We’re investing in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and AR, which enhance the impact of human connection to make beauty attainable and fresh for our guests. 

And dynamic, meaningful, and challenging for our associates.

Discover the future…

Wide Selection of Products: Ulta Beauty boasts an extensive range of beauty products, including cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fragrance, from both popular brands and their own private label.

Salon Services: In addition to retail offerings, Ulta Beauty provides salon services such as haircuts, styling, coloring, and skincare treatments, offering customers a comprehensive beauty experience.

Inclusive Environment: Ulta Beauty strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and represented. They cater to diverse beauty needs and preferences, fostering a sense of belonging for all customers.

Convenience: With both brick-and-mortar stores and an online platform, Ulta Beauty offers convenience and accessibility to customers, allowing them to shop in-store or from the comfort of their homes.

Reward Programs: Ulta Beauty offers a rewards program where customers can earn points on purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, enhancing customer loyalty.

Community Engagement: Ulta Beauty often engages in community-focused initiatives and philanthropic efforts, demonstrating a commitment to giving back and making a positive impact beyond just beauty retail.

Career areas

At Ulta Beauty, we take pride in creating the best candidate experience. 

Throughout the recruitment process, no recruiter or employee will request financial or personal information (such as social security number, credit card, driver’s license, or banking information, etc.) via text message or email. 

If you suspect a job advertisement or work-related email mentioning Ulta Beauty, please notify us by contacting us at 630-410-4800 or via email at [email protected].

Corporate Strategy (3)

Digital (2)

Distribution Center Associates (16)

Distribution Center Management (8)

E-commerce (4)

Finance and Accounting (5)

Human Resources (1)

Information Technology (22)

Loss Prevention (2)

Marketing (3)

Merchandise Planning and Stocking (4)

Merchandising (3)

Retail Associates (4540)

Retail Management (491)

Salon Education and Services (7)

Salon Management (42)

Salon Professionals (2218)

Store Operations (2)

Supply Chain (2)…

How to Apply Online

Accomplishment. At the highest levels here at Ulta.

Here, nothing is more important than people. 

People with uncommon passion. Infectious optimism. Grounded humility. Individuals who radiate positivity into the world.

  1. Go to the official Ulta Beauty website at www.ulta.com or do a quick search to find the careers page.
  2. Look for the link or tab dedicated to “Careers” or “Join Our Team”. Click on this link to be directed to the job opportunities page.
  3. On the careers page, you’ll find a list of available job opportunities. You can filter the vacancies by location, position type, area of interest, etc.
  4. Read through the job description of the position that interests you to ensure it matches your interests and skills.
  5. Create an Account or Log In
  6. After logging in, you’ll be directed to the online application form. Fill out all necessary information, including your work history, skills, and contact information.
  7. Upload Your Resume and Cover Letter (if applicable): 
  8. Review and Submit Your Application
  9. After submitting your application, you’ll be able to track its progress online. If you’re selected for an interview or if there are updates on your application, Ulta Beauty will contact you.

You will be redirected to the official website.