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Ackermans Job Offers – How to Apply Online

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, we’ll uncover a range of roles across various departments.


Learn what it takes to be part of a company committed to affordability, accessibility, and quality. Discover how Ackermans shapes careers and why it’s a top choice for those seeking to thrive in the world of retail. Let’s dive in!

Welcome to the world of Ackns job opportunities. Ackermans, a well-established South African retail company, brings forth a myriad of career prospects through its job offerings. 


Since its inception in 1916, Ackermans has been a trusted name in the retail sector, renowned for its dedication to providing high-quality clothing, footwear, and general merchandise to a broad customer base.

In this introduction to Ackermans’ job openings, we invite you to explore the diverse roles and career pathways available within the company. 


Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking new horizons or embarking on your career journey, Ackermans provides a variety of positions across different departments. 

These opportunities offer the potential for personal growth and professional development in the dynamic retail industry.

Join us as we delve into the world of Ackermans job opportunities, where you can discover the exciting and varied career options that the company has to offer.

About Ackermans

Ackerman’s, founded in 1916 by Gus Ackerman and his wife, Hilda Ackerman in Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa, has grown to become a prominent South African retail company. 

Specializing in clothing, footwear, and general merchandise, the company focuses on offering affordable products, making quality clothing and essential items accessible to a wide customer base, including those on a budget. 


Ackermans caters to the entire family, offering a wide range of fashion items, from everyday casual wear to school uniforms. Additionally, they provide footwear, accessories, and general merchandise, such as household goods and toys.

With an extensive retail network across South Africa, Ackermans has a strong presence in both urban and rural areas, ensuring convenience for customers to access their products. 

The company is customer-focused and often runs promotions and discounts to attract shoppers, offering items suitable for all seasons and occasions.

Ackermans also demonstrates corporate responsibility by participating in various social and environmental initiatives. 

They have implemented sustainability and corporate responsibility programs to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of local communities.

In addition to their physical stores, Ackermans has an online presence, enabling customers to shop for their products via the internet, further enhancing accessibility to their offerings. Overall, Ackermans is a well-established South African retail brand known for its commitment to affordability, making it a popular choice for South African consumers seeking budget-friendly clothing and essential items for their families.

Benefits for job offers at Ackermans

Here are some common benefits typically offered in job offers at Ackermans:

1. Competitive Salary: Ackermans generally offers competitive salaries that align with industry standards and the employee’s level of experience.

2. Health Benefits: Many companies, including Ackermans, provide medical and dental insurance plans and other health benefits for employees and, in some cases, their family members.

3. Retirement Benefits: Employees may qualify for private pension plans or other retirement benefits to help secure their financial future.

4. Paid Leave: This includes paid vacation, sick leave, and other forms of paid time off, allowing employees to take a break when needed.

5. Employee Discounts: Many companies offer special discounts on company products or services as a benefit to their employees. This can be particularly relevant for Ackermans, a retail company specializing in clothing and home products.

6. Professional Development Opportunities: Ackermans may offer training and professional development opportunities for employees to enhance their skills and career progression.

7. Wellness Programs: Some employers, including retailers like Ackermans, offer wellness programs, such as mental health counseling, financial assistance, and other resources to support employee well-being.

8. Inclusive Workplace: Companies committed to diversity and inclusion may offer programs and policies that promote an equal and inclusive work environment.

9. Recognition and Rewards: Ackermans may have recognition and rewards programs to acknowledge exceptional employee performance.

Main job offers in Ackermans

Here’s a brief summary of the functions associated with various job categories and roles you might find in job offerings at Ackermans:

1. Retail Sales:

   – Sales Associate: Assist customers with their shopping needs and provide product information.

   – Store Manager: Oversee store operations, manage staff, and ensure sales targets are met.

   – Visual Merchandiser: Create appealing in-store displays to attract and engage customers.

2. Operations and Supply Chain:

   – Warehouse Supervisor: Supervise warehouse operations, including inventory management and order fulfillment.

   – Inventory Manager: Manage inventory levels, ensure accurate stock counts, and optimize supply chain processes.

   – Logistics Coordinator: Coordinate the movement of goods, transportation, and delivery logistics.

3. Finance and Administration:

   – Accountant: Manage financial records, prepare reports, and ensure compliance with accounting standards.

   – Administrative Assistant: Provide administrative support to various departments.

   – Finance Manager: Oversee financial operations, budgeting, and financial analysis.

4. Marketing and Merchandising:

   – Marketing Coordinator: Assist in planning and executing marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

   – Merchandising Planner: Plan and manage product assortments and inventory to maximize sales.

   – Graphic Designer: Create visual materials for marketing and advertising.

5. Human Resources:

   – HR Generalist: Handle various HR functions, including recruitment, employee relations, and HR policies.

   – Recruitment Specialist: Focus on talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.

   – Training and Development Manager: Develop and manage employee training and development programs.

6. IT and Technology:

   – IT Support Specialist: Provide technical support to employees and maintain IT systems.

   – Systems Analyst: Analyze and improve IT systems and processes to enhance efficiency.

   – Data Analyst: Analyze data to provide insights for decision-making and business improvements.

7. Customer Service:

   – Customer Service Representative: Assist customers with inquiries, orders, and address concerns.

   – Call Center Supervisor: Oversee call center operations and manage a team of customer service agents.

   – Complaints Resolution Officer: Address and resolve customer complaints and issues effectively.

8. Store Operations:

   – Store Supervisor: Oversee daily store operations, manage staff, and ensure a positive customer experience.

   – Cashier: Process customer transactions and provide excellent customer service at checkout.

   – Loss Prevention Officer: Maintain store security and prevent theft and losses.

9. Visual Merchandising:

   – Visual Merchandising Specialist: Create eye-catching displays and layouts to enhance the shopping experience.

   – Display Artist: Design and implement creative in-store displays.

   – Window Dresser: Create attractive window displays to draw customers into the store.

These roles represent a variety of functions within Ackermans, offering diverse career opportunities in different departments of the company.

How to apply for jobs at Ackermans

To apply for job openings at Ackermans or any other company, you typically need to follow these steps:

  • 1. Visit the Company’s Website: Start by visiting Ackermans’ official website. They usually have a dedicated “Careers” or “Jobs” section where they list their current job openings.
  • 2. Search for Jobs: Browse through the available job listings to find positions that match your skills and qualifications. You can often filter job listings by location, department, or job type.
  • 3. Create an Account: Many companies, including Ackermans, require you to create an online account or profile on their careers page. This account will be used for your job applications and to track your application status.
  • 4. Prepare Your Documents: Before applying, ensure you have an updated resume or CV ready. You might also need to prepare a cover letter, especially if it’s required for the position you’re applying for.
  • 5. Submit Your Application: Click on the job listing you’re interested in, and follow the instructions to submit your application. This often involves uploading your resume and cover letter, filling out an online application form, and answering any specific questions related to the job.
  • 6. Review and Confirm: Carefully review your application to ensure all the information is accurate and complete. Make sure you’ve attached all required documents.
  • 7. Submit Your Application: Once you’re satisfied with your application, submit it as per the instructions provided on the company’s website. This may involve clicking a “Submit” or “Apply” button.
  • 8. Application Status: After submitting your application, you can usually track its status through your online account on the company’s career portal. You may receive updates via email or the portal regarding the progress of your application.
  • 9. Follow Up: If you haven’t received a response within a reasonable timeframe, consider following up on your application. Contact the company’s HR department or the provided contact person to inquire about the status of your application.

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