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Hungry Harvest Job Offers – How to Apply Online

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At Hungry Harvest, making a world without food waste and hunger is no dream, as the company works tirelessly to make it a reality. It has a passionate and astute team, united by a dedication to solving one of our society’s most pressing problems. Here, creativity isn’t just valued – it’s our driving force.


Within this innovative environment, creativity isn’t just encouraged, it’s essential. Here, there is no room for tight ties or unnecessary formalities. What the company values are bold ideas and innovative solutions that generate more change and challenges.

So if you’re looking for an environment where you’ll be challenged on a daily basis, where your business skills combine with your practical ability to make things happen, then you’ve found your place. Stay with us and find out more!


Purpose of Hungry Harvest

Since its founding in 2014, Hungry Harvest has been dedicated to combating food waste and food insecurity in the United States. The main goal is simple yet powerful: rescuing fresh food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it in an affordable and convenient way to communities in need. 

Over the years, more than 27 million pounds of food products have been rescued, saving them from choice and changing them into unique resources for millions of people. 


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This food is then distributed through “Produce in a SNAP” low-cost grocery stores, donations to local organizations fighting hunger, and our “Emergency Box Food” program.

Inspiring and challenging benefits for those who work at Hungry Harvest

The company is a dynamic and innovative startup. If you like challenges and want to work in a creative environment, this is the ideal scenario for you.

This career opportunity is a chance to be part of a greater cause, that is, to contribute to a positive impact on society while developing professionally in a stimulating and welcoming environment.

The benefits of working at Hungry Harvest are diverse and reflect the company’s commitment to providing a rewarding and meaningful work environment. 

Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. Significant social impact: Unique opportunity to be part of an initiative that is transforming communities by reducing food waste and feeding families in need.
  2. Dynamic and innovative environment: Employees are encouraged to propose new ideas and solutions, contributing to the continuous growth and development of the organization.
  3. Professional development: The Startup invests in the personal and professional growth of its employees, offering opportunities for continuous learning and skills development
  4. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: The company offers competitive compensation in line with the market, as well as comprehensive benefits that include healthcare, retirement plans, and other benefits related to employee well-being.
  5. Collaborative and inclusive culture: The work environment is known for its collaborative and inclusive culture, where diversity of thoughts and experiences is valued. 

Career opportunities at Hungry Harvest

In the company there are a variety of employment opportunities in different areas that allow employees to become directly involved in the company’s mission to combat food waste and food insecurity. 

Each position offers not just a job, but the chance to be part of a team dedicated to making a tangible positive impact on society and the environment. 

Not only do employees play a crucial role in the company’s daily operations, but they also have the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to a positive impact on the community and environment by reducing food waste and feeding families in need. 

See the available departments:

  • Operations and Logistics
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Business development
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Human Resources
  • Sustainability and Social Impact
  • Customer service

How to apply for vacancies

Now that you know everything about this Startup, explore the vacancies available on the website. And to increase your chances of finding the ideal job, it’s a good idea to set up job alerts on these platforms and regularly monitor updates. 

This allows you to always be informed about new opportunities that match your profile and interests.

Also be sure to follow the same preparation and application steps, such as reviewing the job requirements, preparing your resume and cover letter as needed, and tracking the progress of your application.

  1. Visit the official website. Vacancies are generally listed in the careers or job opportunities section.
  2. Explore vacancies and carefully read each position’s requirements and responsibilities to ensure your experience and skills align with the company’s needs.
  3. Candidate-se online. Complete an online application form. Prepare your updated resume and cover letter if requested.

You can also search for available opportunities on other job sites. Often, the company lists its vacancies on widely used platforms, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and other specialized job portals. Good luck!

You will be redirected to the official website.