Terms of Use

We are a free service aimed at communication, free expression and freedom of expression. Our objective is to increase the availability of information, stimulate transparent debate and enable new connections between people. We understand that censorship of this content is not compatible with a service based on freedom of expression. However, to defend these values, we need to combat abuses that threaten the provision of this service and the freedom of expression it encourages. Therefore, there are some limits regarding the type of content published on our website. These limits that we define comply with legal requirements and, at the same time, improve the service as a whole.

Content Limitations

Our content policies play an important role in ensuring that users continue to have a positive experience. Respect these guidelines. From time to time, we change the content policies, so please check them back some time. Additionally, please note that when we apply the policies below, we may make exceptions based on artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific considerations or when there are other considerable benefits to the public if action is not taken.

Content Policy Compliance

Our team’s reviewers use flags that indicate policy violations. If the post does not violate our policies, we will not take any action against the content or its author. If we find that a post violates our content policies, we will take one or more of the following actions based on the severity of the violation:

  • Delete the offensive content or the entire post
  • Disable author access to our website
  • Report the user to law enforcement

We will take the actions described above if we notice that a user has created multiple posts that repeatedly demonstrate abusive behavior.